Zakiya T. Sackor

Founder, KORE Consulting

I began my career as an educator with a personal mission of leveling the playing field for children in under-resourced communities. I have over two decades of experience as an educator, non-profit leader and a coach. Prior to founding KORE Consulting, I have held several senior leadership roles in social impact organizations across the country.   

I experienced the power of coaching as a school leader. My work with an executive coach was a key lever towards becoming a more effective leader and finding my leadership voice. I decided to pursue coaching certification after my divorce when I came to terms with the fact that I was living my life for others at the expense of my happiness. I capitalized on the experience that I had gained from coaching colleagues and friends over coffee and cocktails by earning my coaching certificate. I have had the honor of coaching several leaders in the DC public school and non-profit sector.  I am passionate about sharing the gift of coaching with other leaders who are working daily to make our world a better place. 

I have earned a Certificate in Leadership Coaching from Georgetown University.  I also hold a master’s degree in administration from Trinity College, master’s degree in teaching from Johns Hopkins University, a master’s degree in survey methodology from the University of Maryland, College Park and a bachelor’s degree in mathematics from Tuskegee University.   

I live in Maryland with three amazing humans who share my DNA! I love to travel, bask in the sun and explore the complexities of human life.

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