A Moment of Grace


For many of us, in this new space and time, our responsibilities have remained the same or increased significantly. It matters not if you are single, a caregiver, a spouse, or an employee, we are expected to show up as active participants in this alternate universe we were teleported to less than a month ago.

Last week was rough for me. I felt like the walls were closing in on me. Not only because I am literally walled in, but the very nature of the fact that for a good part of my waking hours, I must be “on”. Who knew, but I preferred the predictability of knowing when I had to be “on”. Being “on” so much of the day takes away from the energy that needs to be distributed across my many roles. You know what, I’m exhausted!

However, this week I am going to give myself grace in those moments when I’m feeling the pinch; when I am unable to give others what they need from me. I’m going to give myself grace in the moment; not after time to reflect, but in the moment.

What life-affirming practices are you taking on this week and beyond?

With love! #SMDH

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  1. Angela Harvey-Bowen says:

    Grace in the moment indeed.


  2. ecappard says:

    A moment to collect my thoughts before the day starts. I got out of practice with the new normal, but getting back to making my soul work a priority, especially in the morning.


    1. zsackor1 says:

      I love this!!

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    2. zsackor1 says:

      You’ve got this…by grace šŸ™šŸ½

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